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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where's The Beef? and Goodbye to our good doggie friend Jake

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Yesterday we drove out to pick up our beef order at Brassils Creek Farm, just south of North Gower.
We are thrilled to be getting top quality organic meat from our local farmers, who farm responsibly and do not fill their cattle with hormones and antibiotics.
We were able to see the barns and pastures where the cattle graze and even got to meet their dairy cow who was resting in a closer paddock as she was lame. Separating here from the herd and letting her rest is how they bring her back to health, and only if necessary will they give her an antibiotic. So unlike the big farmers who give antibiotics daily just for the hell of it.
They had just birthed a calf and we were going to go see her, but we were short on time as my hubby had to get back to our renovations which are wonderful, but seem to be taking forever.
We enjoyed our time with Scott and I was especially lucky because I got to hold their little Oliver, their fourth son who is around 7 months old. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love babies...
Plus we got to visit with their two Springer Spaniels. Our Spaniel mix Comet wasn't to sure about young Piper who wanted to play with him. At 16 years of age, Comet is slowing down and just likes to putter around sniffing all the good smells in the country.

A month ago we received our delivery of lamb which we got from Scott's brother in law. I have to say it is the most delicious lamb I have every tasted. Last night we had lamb chops. I cooked them slowly in my cast iron pan with a little rosemary, garlic and salt on them. They melted like butter in our mouths. I will never buy store bought lamb again.
We feel so lucky to be able to get meat of this quality and wish more farmers would take the time to farm healthy.

We can hardly wait to taste our beef and will decide tomorrow which cut to try first. Steaks, roast or stew? Hmm, what a decision.

On a sadder note, we want to say goodbye to one of our best loved Canine friends. Our friends Damien and Greta had to put down their gorgeous yellow lab Jake on Friday. Jake was with them for twelve and a half years and was a super dog. He was the king of the neighbourhood and had many girlfriends for sure, both canine and human.
As Jake's Daddy owner was a policeman for 30 years Jake would howl whenever he heard a siren go by and was seen by many in Hampton park over the years.
Jake you will be missed, but we know you are are in doggie heaven chasing squirrels, ducks and sticks galore.
We love you!

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